2012 Sagittarius Love Horoscope – A Great Year for Romance and Passion

Leo is symbolized by the Lion and it is the fifth zodiac sign of the astrological calendar. It is n extrovert, masculine and positive sun sign. It is the fixed sign that is associated with the element fire and it comes under the fifth house. This zodiac sign originated with the Leo Constellation. People born between 22nd July and 22nd August come under this sign. Leo individual are characterized by fiery, commanding and warm hearted nature. The Lion depicts their self confidence, courage and magnanimous nature.

All about Leo

Important Facts

Ruling Element: Fire

Symbol: Lion

Ruling Planet: Sun

Love Planet: Uranus

Type of sign: Fixed and Stable

Best days: Sunday

Lucky Gems: Amber

Lucky metal: Gold

Lucky color: Yellow

Personality Traits

Positive traits: Great leadership qualities, courageous, creative, capable, generous, broad minded, loving, warm hearted, born leaders, expansive and great dignity.

Negative Traits: They can be arrogant, vain, bossy, impulsive, interfering, patronizing, dogmatic, intolerant and Pompous.

Love relationships

They are very protective and possessive lovers and they tend to support their partners in all the difficult situations. They are warm considerate and love caring and pampering their beloved. It is one of the most well versed sun sign of romance and love that is why all the They have the characteristic of loving compassionately. They are generous lovers you love attraction and appeal. For them their love life should always be filled with excitement and thrill. When they get married, they are very loyal and highly possessive about their partner.

Perfect love match

They are highly compatible with Sagittarius, Aries and Capricorn.

Professional Life scorpio horoscope

Leos are born leaders and they love to crave out their own paths. They love to have a powerful position so that they can rule over other individuals. They are very good organizers and they love getting new projects and working on new tasks. Some of the professionals that are best suited for them are Armed forces, acting, dancing, politics, painters, musicians and teachers.

Weakness and Strengths

Strengths: They are very friendly in nature and they tend to care a lot about their loved ones.

Weakness: They can be too interfering and bossy at times which makes them highly intolerable.


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