One of the most important parts of your wedding day will be the wedding catering. Every one of your guests will be part of your catering plans and each of them will form an opinion of it. Start planning and arranging the catering for the wedding as early as possible before the big day. There are a number of things to take into consideration when appointing your wedding caterer. wedding catering nj

Arrange to meet with several different caterers to discuss what menus and services they are able to offer. Ideally, they should be able to provide you with references of other weddings they have catered. If you have any specific ideas or requirements, be sure to discuss these with them to establish if they are able to offer the catering service that you require. You should check that they have sufficient waiting staff to serve the food to your planned number of guests, as well as staffing for any evening buffet that you may plan to have.

Another part of the caterer’s responsibilities at most weddings is to provide the table linen and cutlery, all to be in place prior to the guest’s arrival at the reception. Some caterers will also provide lighting and table centerpieces, either included in the price or as an extra at additional charge. If so, you should consider this option as it may save you additional charges from the venue or wedding florist.

If you have a wish for a specific dish or food on your wedding menu, then discuss this with the caterer. However, if certain foods are out of season or not readily available locally, take their professional advice about the cost and wisdom of offering this food or be prepared for a sharp increase in your costs. Continuing with a menu of foods that are difficult to obtain, store or prepare could leave you with a less than satisfactory meal served at the wedding reception.

A good wedding caterer will produce a well prepared meal for each of your wedding guests, served in a professional and timely manner, impressing your guests with the care and attention given to them. They will give you the best advice, based on years of experience, and be attentive to the requirements of all of your wedding guests. They will help to make your wedding day a success and leave a last impression of their quality of food and service with each of your guests.


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